How cool is it to start and finish a race in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam? That’s exactly what a team of ING Runners did on Sunday 10 November 2019!

Conditions were great. Temperature about 8 degrees, hardly any wind and a clear blue sky. As a business team we gathered in the VIP-room where we prepared for the race. When our team was complete it was time to take a group picture and start to warm up. Exactly at noon we started our race and headed towards the Amsterdam forest. Sometimes we had to slalom around to avoid pedestrians and cyclists but the track was nice around the Bosbaan. After 10k we finished in the Olympic Stadium again. As a business team we were cordially invited to join a great lunch in the VIP-room again. We evaluated the race and talked about our running ambitions and upcoming events where ING Runners participate.

unicef stadionloop3

Last but not least, €7.500,- was raised for UNICEF!

unicef stadionloop2


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Matthijs Monster


Tijmen van Paasen


Marco Israel


Lieuwe Haanstra


Hamide Keskin


Rob Hooglander


Dillon Duitscher